We have exactly what you are looking for when it comes to finding and recruiting the best super-affiliates.

Are you searching for your next super-affiliate? With Publisher Finders on your side, the possibilities are endless! We have exactly what you are looking for when it comes to finding and recruiting the best super-affiliates. Want to try before you buy? That’s okay too with the FREE 14-day trial of our amazing software that will find you the super-affiliates you need to grow your program.


At this point, you still may be wondering: How can Publisher Finders help you identify and connect with new super-affiliates? We have the answers.


1. Do Your Research

One of the many benefits of subscribing to Publisher Finders is discovering just how simple it is to search the affiliate data base for the super-affiliates that fit your program’s branding. This affiliate search tool will even let you curate lists of affiliates that you specifically want to target. This means that the heavy lifting isn’t your responsibility. We have taken it upon ourselves to create the perfect, carefully curated database full of quality sources for your affiliate program. While searching for the best affiliate matches for your program in our exclusive database, the lists you compile will allow you to easily keep track of the super-affiliates you are most interested in during your search and recruit process. Keep tabs on affiliates who you want to possibly work and collaborate with to boost your brand’s online awareness in the best way possible. This is done with our email notification feature that will keep you in the loop with prospective affiliates who want to partner with YOU! Wasting time on dead-end leads is a thing of the past! Finding and connecting with new super-affiliates to recruit has never been this streamlined or effortless.


2. Find A Good Match For You and Your Brand

Another way to find super-affiliates is to find people who are going to be a good match for you and your brand. Lucky for you, when it comes to super-affiliates, they are well-versed in your niche’s market. That is one of the reasons that makes them so super! Additionally, existing customers could be a good place to start as well when it comes to your next affiliate. Who knows your brand better than your loyal customers? Let them show their dedication through affiliate work and advocacy for your brand. Your followers may not be creators or publishers, but they already trust the work that you do. Together, you can help each other out and they can be your new super-affiliate.


3. Have Stellar Outreach

One last, but certainly not least, way to find super-affiliates is through outreach. There are many ways to accomplish this task. You can utilize an email list by sending out compelling content as well as even the benefits of joining your affiliate program to draw them in. Other communication channels may be social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram or paid ads elsewhere. One last tip is to have personalized messages to your prospective affiliates. Show them that you care and really want them on your team. This will be a big appeal for them to join your affiliate program. The best way to do outreach is to solidify your relationships.


The one thing you want to remember is that it is about quality over quantity.  All of these tips will help you succeed in finding super-affiliates, but it is the work that you do together that will bring success to your company. The easiest way to accomplish all 3 of these steps/tips in one? Subscribe to Publisher Finders today with our FREE 14-day trial available for your use today!

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