There are at least 5 reasons to recruit publishers and influencers.

There are at least 5 reasons to recruit publishers and influencers, to build your affiliate program and partner programs.  Arguably, there are 4.9 trillion reasons! Publishers and influencers have connected with an impressively large online community and have significant influence when it comes to promoting products to their followers.  Ecommerce earnings is predicted to reach 4.9 trillion U.S dollars worldwide and is projected to grow another 50% within the next four years!


How to recruit affiliates is the question. This is why we developed, to help brands and companies quickly and easily find new, relevant affiliate marketers, publishers, bloggers, content creators and partners. The benefits of coordinating marketing partners is far reaching and has grown exponentially - but, so has the competition.  The major differentiator lies in the quality of your publishers and influences.  They're far from created equally!


Here are 5 reasons or opportunities to consider recruiting Publishers and influencers for your Affiliate Program:


Reason One - Bloggers 

Bloggers come in many shapes, sizes and spheres of influence.  Bloggers know who their audience is demographically.  Your company or client can be referenced or endorsed. Many are connected to networks like Google AdSense that can create an international reach. Recruiting the unique bloggers who can produce quality traffic that resonates with your products or services can get you a powerful ally and affiliate. Identifying Blogs that would make good advertising partners is where can play a crucial role. 


Reason Two: Social Media - Macro picture

With 4.46 billion people using social media platforms on Earth and given there are only 7.9 billion men, women and children on the planet, it’s hard to not have a reason to seek publishers and influencers on social media.

However, in this sea of advertising potential, you will need to find publishers and influencers that can align with your marketing goals, your budget and the integrity of your brand. can help you find web publishers and influencers based on your company’s affiliate needs.  When you recruit quality publishers who will promote your brand, click rates, sales and profits will increase. From YouTube to Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, the right content creators and influencers can help your brand get noticed.

Reason Three: Social Media - Nano and Micro picture

When it comes to social media influencers, often smaller can be better. This may sound counter intuitive, but as an influencer’s following increases, their personal engagement - including comment replies and messaging, often decreases. They simply can’t reply to all of their followers’ remarks and questions in the comment section.  This can turn off many followers who prefer a more personal connection with the social media personalities they choose to follow. Similarly,

many people can’t relate to celebrities or big-time influencers, which is why everyday people have found such success as content creators who can attract a relatively smaller web audience. So keep in mind that nano-influencers, or even micro-influencers, admittedly with small followings, can actually produce an impressive outcome for your company, or client. Micro- and nano-influencers have more engaged, loyal followings because they share similar interests and concerns with the followers they attract. They are mothers, teachers, laborers, musicians, exercise buffs, or college students who can share their interests, tips, challenges, and vulnerabilities. This, in turn, generates trust, and can translate into lucrative product endorsements for your company.  These smaller influencers can often deliver 30% better ROI per dollar spent than macro-influencers with over a million followers. can help you find those quality publishers to recruit to your program.


Reason Four & Five: Your Competition and Biz Climate

Your competitors are already using them! We are in a hyper-competitive market.  Can you afford not to recruit web publishers and influencers?  According to the Association of National Marketers, 75% of digital marketers are using influencers as an advertising tool, and 43% plan to increase spending in that space. It is clear that the popularity of influencer marketing has increased among marketers in recent years, largely due to the growth and evolution of social media. A growing number of marketers are turning to influencers to help them combat ad blocking, leverage creative content in an authentic way, drive engagement, and reach millennial and gen Z audiences who avidly follow and genuinely trust social media personalities. 


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