Content creators can be a powerful brand-building tool for your enterprise when managed the right way
Content creators can be a powerful brand-building tool for your enterprise when managed the right way

The content creator has evolved in recent years. Someone starting with a simple blog may have evolved into a multifaceted professional today. Content creators can be a powerful brand-building tool for your enterprise when managed the right way. can provide assistance for identifying and selecting the best content creators to represent your brand!


Here are five ways a content creator and influencer can help build awareness for your brand:

  1.      1. Do they have a loyal following?  The trust their followers have in them can transfer to you as one of their affiliates. Their followers can become your subscribers and potential customers. But first, your task is to see if your products or services connect with their content style and their audience.

 has in its database, content creators that will align with your brand. An example is a YouTube video called Tennis Tips. It's not a giant leap to have one of the tennis show hosts wear your brand's clothing or tennis racket while filming the content. As opposed to super expensive television or print media ads where your costly campaign is going out to millions of people, using a shotgun strategy.  It’s a gamble! With our tennis content creator, you know exactly who’s watching. This avenue is a fraction of the mass media cost and you absolutely reach your target audience. If the mass media is a shotgun strategy, then this content creator is a high-caliber laser sniper rifle. Your chances of selling and building your brand will go up along with your ROI. 

  2.      2. Does the content creator offer unique content? In the modern era, we have an increasingly competitive global marketplace, and it’s more in demand than ever for quality web publishers who can advertise what you have to offer. There are countless numbers of tennis tip blogs and videos available online. Each creator has their own unique flair for sharing info with their online friends and followers. So, what is it about a content creator that would make your affiliation a good fit and a good bet for your brand?  Let’s look at Rick Massie, the Venus and Serena Williams coach depicted in the King Richard movie.  He has popular YouTube videos on tennis instruction. Venus and Serena Williams have their own very large YouTube following! These 1M followers are about all thing’s tennis. And yet, smaller less recognizable tennis blogs can be equally compelling. They may have a smaller following than Venus, but still, have a very engaged following that might be a better fit for your branding.  Quality content creators are vetted by and give you easy access to the ones who want to affiliate with companies like yours.

  3.      3. Creating branded products is something to consider.  Getting a content creator that can actually create a line of branded merchandise could be profitable. You may be currently reselling or packaging other companies’ merchandise. Slapping your brand name on it might generate brand recognition for you or your client. It’s not a new idea but it could be a great next step. Many content creators are using their platforms to extend their brand’s reach and to allow their loyal fans to feel like a more active part of their community. It’s a real thing that can take on a life of its own!

  4.      4. Engaging with Subscribers as we just discussed is a process. It’s one thing to film or write content and post it to your page, but are you connecting with your viewers? In today’s content-heavy industry, consumer engagement is one of the most important things you must look for when recruiting quality content creators to your program especially if you’re looking to grow your brand and business online.

  5.      5. The goal for any content creator isn’t to simply post content that connects with an intended audience. It’s to build a loyal fan base. Like any horse race, it’s all about picking the winners. Unlike a horse race with only 10 horses, the race for brand awareness and product differentiation has many thousands of winning bets. The best content creators understand how to communicate with their online audience. That personalized connection is one you should want to partner with because it can get your brand of products in front of the eyes and ears of thousands of potential customers. 

How to examine these options and evaluate which to choose and place your bets is where can not only help you make wise decisions but expedite the process of getting your brand in the race and into the winner’s circle! Try Publisher Finders FREE for 7 days, or subscribe for affordable monthly or yearly rates. Start growing your brand with Publisher Finders!

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