5 Benefits of Using Web Publishers and Influencers to Increase Your Affiliate Marketing Conversions.

Increase your affiliate marketing conversions by partnering with web publishers and influencers in your affiliate program. Publisher Finders wants to be your one-stop source for all things affiliate marketing, and we think you will want us to be too. The proof is in the pudding. The software was designed to help affiliate managers and influencer managers find affiliate marketers, publishers, content creators, influencers, and lucrative partnerships. If you are not entirely sure what this means for you and your company? No worries! Working with Publisher Finders will provide ample opportunities for you to flourish in your industry. Keep on reading to find out how!


5 Benefits of Using Web Publishers and Influencers to Increase Your Affiliate Marketing Conversions:


1. Partner with quality web publishers and publishers

Increasing your conversions will be easier when you work with quality people. Work with the best influencers and web publishers to become the best-branded company out there. The first step in finding motivated people for your affiliate program is to subscribe to Publisher Finders.  We handle all the preliminary affiliate sourcing and vetting so you can focus on connecting with quality affiliates. A subscription to our affiliate resource tool means that you will gain immediate access to a pool of affiliate web publishers who are standing by and waiting to be recruited to programs like yours.


2. Utilize Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Web publishers will change the game for you and your brand by utilizing search engine optimization (SEO). Make your name known by being first, second, and third in the search results on Google, Bing, Yahoo, or any preferred search engine. This will get potential customers clicking on links that will lead them to your product pages and can increase overall traffic, and most definitely lead conversions.


3. Connect With Your (Influencer’s) Audience

SEO strategies can help you generate more traffic and sales, and so will social media influencers. Influencers can create content that will exhibit your brand in front of their many followers. In turn, their promotions and product endorsements can have a significant impact on your brand awareness.  Influencers have many followers who trust the opinions and recommendations of their favorite influencers. There is a connection between an influencer and their dedicated followers and it usually stems from common interests. When companies connect with influencers who have a follower base that closely matches the target audience of an affiliate program, it can be a match made in marketing heaven.  Partnering with affiliate influencers and publishers can drive in new customers to add to your existing customer base and increase conversions–especially the biggest one of all, sales!


4. Program Your Website to Lead them to the Destination and ONLY the Destination

This might sound confusing when putting it into one sentence but trust that it isn’t. Too many distractions can lead the viewer to become sidetracked which deters away from what you are trying to do–make a sale. This means that avoiding pop-ups and other ads that are not directly related to your brand can be more harmful than good. Don’t give them any other options other than your product.


5. Ensure Accessibility

One final strategy that an affiliate manager should focus on when it comes to digital marketing, is making sure company websites are easy to navigate. Customers aren’t going to wade through a messy or unpleasant landing page that makes it hard for them to find the products or services they are seeking. If influencers are referring sales to a company’s website and their referred customers can’t find what they’re looking for, there is no point in them promoting your websites.


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