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Do your beauty and personal care products need more online exposure? Is your website traffic in the slow lane? Affiliate web publishers might be able to help. Web publishers and Influencer marketing can turbo charge your ad campaigns because consumers are more likely to act on the recommendations they get from the online content creators they follow because they like and trust their opinions.

Now that you recognize the benefits of recruiting web publishers who can promote your beauty & personal care products? What’s next? Your greatest challenge will be locating a vetted source of potential web publishers who will be excited to represent your beauty and personal care products and brand.  For you to efficiently and cost effectively grow your affiliate program, you need to check out This reliable source of affiliate web publishers was designed specifically to help you find affiliate marketers, publishers, content creators, influencers, and partnerships.  Evan Weber, the founder of Publisher Finders is an expert in the field of ecommerce, affiliate marketing, and digital marketing. His last twenty years has been focused on growing affiliate programs for hundreds of successful companies like yours.

With an affordable monthly or annual subscription, Publisher Finders offers a database that allows you to generate search lists of the affiliates you want to prospect, and get email notifications to update your recruitment and selection process.

Every web publisher is not going to be right for your brand. To customize your affiliate search, you’ll need to decide what characteristics will best serve your brand’s vision. Publisher Finders will prove to be an amazing tool in your marketing toolbox to make the process of finding and recruiting web publishers to promote beauty & personal care products.

Affiliate web publishers can sell your beauty brand’s story online to an expansive web audience. They can create content that will convey the benefits of your beauty brand’s products by showing different faces, skin types, lifestyles, and personal experiences.

What does mega success look like? Take Anastasia Beverly Hills. Rather than implementing traditional marketing ad campaigns, they collaborated with influencers to market their beauty products online. As a direct result, sales of Anastasia Beverly products skyrocketed and surpassed mainstream beauty brands with 19.1 million followers. The company’s use of influencers to promote their brand generated considerable buzz which fueled traffic to their website and unprecedented sales.

Consider these major benefits of web publishing and influencer marketing for your beauty brands:

       Places your product in front of a huge and relevant audience - With the help of influencer recommendations, their followers can be encouraged to check out your website and products.  Pictures and demo videos can further highlight the benefits of your products.

       Raises brand awareness - the simple act of talking about your products online can stimulate sales.  Studies confirm that customers are moved to buy a product or service following the fifth or seventh time they hear a positive recommendation. Influencer marketing gives a boost in raising brand awareness among your target groups. 

       Makes contact with industry experts - it’s a secondary effect. Influencer marketers inadvertently connect with industry experts and, in turn, get their followers excited about your products.  A network effect furthers the original recommendation.

       Enables direct contact with your customers - your influencer or publisher can open up a two-way communication with your targeted customers and provide you with insight into your customers’ preferences and buying habits. What do they expect? What are the flaws in their customer experience? Candid reviews and feedback can help shape and tweak your marketing strategy.

Your beauty and personal care products promotion program will benefit from the trusted information ‍ provides. Having a vetted affiliate database tool that will help you find and recruit web publishers to promote beauty & personal care products can maximize your ad campaigns and ROI. We make finding and recruiting affiliates painless and easy.

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