Finding Vetted Publishers for Your Affiliate Program

Over the last decade, spending in the affiliate marketing space has tripled, reaching $8.2 billion dollars in 2022. With the growing demand for engaging content creators on all the social media platforms, companies are scrambling to partner with quality web publishers who can help them promote their brands online.


Ecommerce sales is predicted to reach 4.9 trillion U.S dollars worldwide. It’s a market that will likely to increase by 50% within the next four years!  As the opportunity has grown, so has the competition.  A major differentiator lies in how efficiently companies can scale up their business to increase brand recognition and demand. Affiliate marketing is a key player in getting your brand out in front of a larger web audience that can drive in traffic, leads, and sales.


It cannot be overstated that a strong and intuitive software is essential if you are trying to find quality web publishers to help grow your program.  Generally speaking, affiliate marketing is performance-based marketing in that your web publishers can earn commissions when they effectively promote your products and generate sales from their online audience.  


When it comes to finding the right tool to help you find and connect with relevant publishers,  how can you determine which is best suited to your type of business and your brand?  What would be a strong selection criterion for you to utilize?  Can you analyze their features? Can you separate the hype from the realities of their claims to fame? Understanding what features you need and assessing ease of implementation, real client support, as well as mobile device support (an enormous contribution to the trillions in annual sales) is key., a leading source of publishers and influencers has had a front row seat to the booming growth of affiliate marketing and affiliate recruitment. For over 15 years, the development team behind PublisherFinders has been managing affiliate programs and building thousands of partnerships with web publishers and influencers across many industry types. Recognizing the need for a search and recruit database that could quickly pull up the contact info of relevant publishers was the driving force behind the development of


Now it’s easier than ever before to find quality publishers that want to affiliate with your company so you can build and grow your program.  The publishers you’ll have access to at have been vetted and are ready to join your affiliate program.


Never has the saying “time is money” been more true. With search dwell-time and rewards sometimes measured in nanoseconds, a software that’s up to the needed tasks is not a luxury, it’s a rock upon which your entire affiliate program stands. Finding good publishers who can effectively and consistently promote your brand online to their web friends and subscribers is an invaluable asset to the success of your ad campaigns. If you need to start or expand your affiliate program, turn to, your #1 source for vetted web publishers and content creators who are ready to promote your brand and products.


In today’s world, the sheer volume of web publishers that are online introducing their web audience to products or services via websites, blogs, or social media channels is quite remarkable. When done correctly, the benefits of partnering with quality, vetted publishers are gargantuan!  Whether it’s affiliate commissions, referral program options, cost-per-click, cost-per-lead, or direct referrals, it’s about volume. This means selecting the best publisher search tool for your program!


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