In under 15 years, marketing through social media has exploded. More than 50% of revenue across 14 major industries is generated by social sales.

As a species, we’ve always been socially inclined. In the last 25 years humans have suddenly developed technology that enables them to connect with each other just about anywhere, and at any time. Homo sapiens appeared 300,000 years ago. With Six Degrees, the first social media introduced in 1997, the first blog two years later.  In less than 25 years, 4.5 billion of us are online!

In under 15 years, marketing through social media has exploded. More than 50% of revenue across 14 major industries is generated by social sales. Here are some stats:


      84% of executives are influenced by social media when making purchasing decisions.


      48% of companies identified expanding reach to new buyers as a benefit of social sales.


      Leaders in social sales attract 45% more sales than their peers.


      Nearly 70% of sales professionals use social selling tools for lead development.


The team at have been there all along helping clients build comprehensive search strategies cutting across devices and platforms. They provide relevant data, advanced bidding algorithms for your continuous optimization and help companies connect with social media influencers and content creators that fit client’s products and services. 

What is a Social Media Influencer?  Social Media Influencers are on social media along with 4.48 billion users worldwide.  What makes them different is they have an extensive following of fans and subscribers.  They have access to a large audience, and can persuade others to follow their recommendations and product endorsements.  Social media influencers often partner with brands, promoting products or services to their followers in exchange for monetary compensation, free products, or discounts. If you can collaborate with quality influencers whose followers are demographically suited to your brand, mega sales of your products could become a reality.


The people with the most followers on Twitter, for example, have a massive platform to spread their messages, while those with large, engaged followings on Instagram are an advertiser’s dream sponsor partner.  However, there are micro and nano influencers with between 50,000 and under a million followers, that may be more suited to the goals for your products.  There’s an array of pros and cons to consider when recruiting quality influencers, affiliate publishers, and content creators. simplifies the process and will deliver for you!


Here’s a list of few top influencers from a year ago.  You probably don’t recognize most of their names.  They all have hundreds of million followers!


         Wendy Zock

         Trillz B

         Alexandra Creteau

         Stephen Austin

         Olya Mosendz

         Nicole Tames

         Georgiana Nedelcu

         Tianna Vera

         Paz Moscoco

         Michael Kahn

         Digo Padovan

         Betul Yildiz

         Melissa Lori

         Ryan Nguyen

         Ling Chen

         Jolene Goring

         Naazneen Lalji

         Kevin Boyle

         Naim Yousfi

         Kam Williams

         Heather Pfingsten

         Eric & Darcee

         Chloe Jade Meltzer

         Johnny Eastman

 Influencer recruitment is somewhat of a strategy and art form, although there are some solid data analytic-rich tools to utilize. Sorting out influencers that resonate with your products and fit into your budget from the many thousands of influencers in the marketplace takes a solid working knowledge and connectivity of social media marketing. knows this space, they know how to help guide you to the influencers that will help you develop your social media sales network. They’ve been in it for most of the existence of social media marketing and know how to create unique content that can help generate leads and sales. Get 7 days of FREE access when you sign up today at, the leading source of publishers and influencers!

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