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Publisher Finders was founded by Evan Weber, who has over a decade of experience as an affiliate manager and has recruited many thousands of affiliates over the years. He and his development team developed a search tool and database designed to match quality content creators with affiliate programs looking to recruit them. Weber knows what he is doing when it comes to marketing strategies. He also knows how to give users the best service for their needs, like receiving email notifications of affiliates they are interested in. Choosing Publisher Finders means more time to focus on finding content creators for your fashion affiliate program. You will fall head over heels with our easy-to-navigate platform.  Don’t believe us? Give it a shot with our FREE 14-day trial – no credit card is required to get you started!


You may be the expert on finding the best fashion trends and pieces, but leave it to us when it comes to finding the best content creators to promote your company and website. Here are 3 useful tips from us to you to aid you in the process:


     1. Do your research

A benefit to working with Publisher Finders is that you can curate lists of affiliates that you want to prospect. While searching for the perfect fit for you in our exclusive database, the lists you compile will allow you to keep track of content creators during your recruiting process. This means that you can keep tabs on creators who you want to possibly work and collaborate with.


     2.  Decide if your desired creator is a good match

Being in the fashion industry, you know plenty about what matches and what doesn’t. Although, you won’t be able to try on people like clothing. After conducting your preliminary research on who you want to partner with, you will need to decide if they are going to be a good fit for your brand. Ideally, you are going to want a content creator that is going to produce work that closely mirrors your image accurately to your current audience, while attracting new potential customers. Will this creator be able to do that?


     3.  Pur-shoe creators for your affiliate program

The last thing to do before hitting the ground running with your affiliate recruitment efforts is to reach out to content creators to join your affiliate program. The good part about this? You already know that your affiliate target is a quality source and will be willing to work with you - thanks to our database search tool. Now all you have to do is hook, line, and sink – all while looking glamorous of course. Succeeding in this tip is going to help solidify your image in the industry and attract content creators who will want to work with you in the future.


No more tie-ing for first place. Climb to the top, and spend more time with risky fashion choices rather than risky affiliates and partnerships. This choice is as easy as tying your shoes, especially with our FREE 14-day trial. Get started with Publisher Finders TODAY!


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