Content creators make the world go around in social media!

In 1996, something called Six Degrees happened for the first time in man’s and woman’s history on this planet. It was nothing short of a miracle. In fact, it was the first social networking site, and yet, it wasn't met with worldwide acclaim. Furthermore, most of the 4.48 billion people using social media today have never even heard of Six Degrees.  The big news of the day was that John Lennon was knighted by Queen Eliizabeth. Yet, on a May afternoon in 1996, Andrew Weinreich founded Six Degrees and launched it in 1997 - taking a giant step for man and woman kind. 


Fast forward to today where just 25 years later, the volume of human connectivity online is beyond the beyond! Now consider that in only ONE SECOND, 7,726 tweets, 798 Instagram photos, 2,725 Skype calls, 62,051 questions on Google, 2,276,560 emails are sent, 20,185 people are on Facebook and 16,726 friend requests are sent on Facebook. That's all in one second! It took ten seconds for you to even read these stats!


If you’re thinking - what's the big deal, then contemplate this: humans desperately need to connect and communicate. Internet based communication requires content, a tsunami of content, and content creators have grown in demand, exponentially. Generally speaking, good content creators excel at audience engagement and delivering their message on platforms including social media, blogs, podcasts, video platforms, case studies, white papers, and much more. Content creators make the world go around in social media! Depending on where they work and the audience they attract, their digital content will vary. 


Below are some of the skill sets content creators can bring to your ad campaigns:

       Brand awareness


         Product Reviews


        Engaging their audience (your potential customers!)


         Lead generation


      Content ideation


      Copywriting and research


      Design and visuals






      SEO content creation


      Ad Promotion         

The importance of an online presence has rightfully become the driving force behind many marketing strategies. Great content can really connect a company to its targeted consumers and can build customer relationships in ways never before possible. So, on the one hand, recruiting quality content creators who will maximize your ad campaigns can significantly boost your leads and revenue. On the other hand, finding good content creators is not so easy.

What if you could acquire an ally - or a resource tool that already has the content creators you need, the industry experience, and the digital savvy to point your ad campaign in a successful direction? 
Publisher fits that bill!  The team of developers at has been active in the social media space for over two decades. They know the who’s who in this massive industry. They’ve also managed affiliate programs and have years of experience recruiting affiliate web publishers and content creators. They’ve developed comprehensive search strategies utilizing cutting edge technology, and they’ve helped generate successful ad campaigns by connecting quality content creators with growing companies.

Before you can recruit influencers and quality content creators to your program, you will need to be able to identify and connect with the good content creators that are out there? Do you know their track record? Do they have the skills and the online audience to get the job done? You could look into hiring an ad agency and get bids and sales pitches from them, but,  what if there was another way to find and recruit the best content creators to your program - an easier way?

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