Looking to grow your affiliate program? Here’s wow to recruit the best publishers and content creators to your affiliate program.

How do you recruit content creators? If it seems like everyone is on the affiliate and influencer marketing train, you’re not that far off. Businesses and brands of all sizes have been using influencers, affiliates, and other publishers to promote their products to specific, interested audiences for years now. And they’ve been reaping the rewards – affiliate programs and influencer marketing programs are proven profit-drivers for brands and are billion-dollar industries themselves. 

Here's how it works - you can find content creators to help publicize what you do and promote your products. Influencers, affiliates, bloggers, and other publishers are perfect for:


l Product demos – There’s nothing like a quick video or some before and after pictures to get the point across to your desired audience. Product demos by a publisher let an audience see real-life application of a product and can spark interest and inspire purchases.

l Reviews and testimonials – Whether it’s talking about your product in their blog or reviewing it on a popular social media platform, it means a lot to audiences. Publishers are a trusted voice to their followers, and their tastes and opinions are held in high regard by their audience members. In other words, if a publisher likes a brand or product, their audience will take notice. An intrigued audience is an engaged audience and that can translate to more traffic, site conversions, sales, and repeat purchases from those audience members.  

l Promo codes, special offers, and more – When you have sales and special offers going on, what if you could reach the people who most want to know about them. You can! Influencers and affiliates can be carefully selected to reflect your target demographic. You can find the publishers who have audiences made up of the consumers you are looking for, or the people who will want to join your audience as well. Selecting influencers who match up with your industry or niche and who reflect the image and goals of your brand can help you get started with sharing those sales and special deals. 

l Brand awareness and brand loyalty – There’s an audience for you, they just have to find out about you first. Marketing to a new audience through affiliates, influencers, bloggers, and other publishers who create compelling content can be a great way to grow awareness of your brand or business. It can also help build trust with customers and future-customers and establish what can become a long and loyal brand-consumer relationship. 

So how do you find those affiliates, social media influencers, and other content creators to join your program? There are a lot of ways to link up with publishers online, but if you’re looking for quality in your affiliates and other content creators, we’re here for you. At Publisher Finders, we have an impressive database of high-quality, program-ready publishers ready to start promoting what you do. You can browse our publishers and reach out to them via email when you’re a Publisher Finders member. Sign up for a free 14-day trial or subscribe now at a monthly or yearly rate. Your affiliate program deserves the best affiliate publishers – recruit them today at!  

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