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In the last decade, spending in the affiliate marketing space has triple, reaching $8.2 billion dollars in 2022. The attraction of coordinating marketing with a host of other influencers is access to the online retail ecommerce sales predicted to reach 4.9 trillion U.S dollars worldwide - a market predicted to grow 50% within the next four years!  But, as the opportunity has grown, so has the complexity of partnering with a vast array of influencers.


4.46 billion people are using Social Media! Finding influencers isn’t your challenge, finding quality influencers whose followers and subscribers will likely connect to your messaging, that’s the real challenge! 


Experience over the past two decades during which influencers have evolved into a marketing force, is key. can put their experience to work for you asap starting with a strategic algorithm, specific to your company, your company’s culture, your company’s goals and capacity to scale. At you’ll finally have the tool you’ll need to grow your affiliate program.  With access to relevant data searches, advanced bidding algorithms and continuous optimization, finding the influencers you need to grow your brand has never been this simple. If receiving help at sorting out which influencers to go after sounds very good, it’s because the development team behind PublisherFinders has the expertise in the field of affiliate recruitment and management, and a proven track record for results.


The influencer space, as in the ocean, has every size and species of fish.  Breaking them into groups will help you understand what quality means in your case.  There are macro influencers with anywhere from one million and up to 388 million followers! Their recommendations can move the needle for your enterprise, but it won’t be inexpensive! Perhaps, you are looking for massive results and your budget allows for a large investment. Perhaps, smaller influencers or niche influencers might generate more manageable results. Let’s call them nano or micro influencers.  When it comes to influencers, sometimes smaller is better.  An influencer’s smaller following may increase their engagement and their endorsement becomes more powerful. 


Nano-influencers or even micro-influencers may only have 50K to 250K followers. Using them may give you a better outcome. These influencer could be mothers or workers across many industries who reveal their humanity, which, in turn generates trust.  These smaller influencers can often deliver 30% better ROI per dollar spent than macro-influencers with over a million followers. can outline a strategy to match your goals with the right influencers. 


In conclusion, how do you find and collaborate with quality influencers? It depends! The quality of an influencer is relative to what you expect from an influencer.  Start by gathering facts:


        Number of followers – in combination with other factors it’s very important.

        Audience – 10,000 followers is great but are they the right audience for your products?

        Is the following a good choice for your brand? Optics good?

        Engagement – Are people engaging and what are they saying? Good vibe?   

Next, if an influencer you like agrees to work with you, the next step is creating an agreement. This is the point where collaboration begins!  Collaboration can be defined as the action of working with someone to produce or create something. Some other words with a similar meaning are cooperation, alliance, partnership, and . Once you have recruited a publisher to promote your products, only time will tell.  Ideally, you will want to manage your program from the 10,000 foot view and not the 10 foot view. can help you maximize your affiliate program to grow your brand! Trust to help you effectively search and recruit quality influencers to explode your campaigns.

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