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Where are the publishers and content creators you need? Whether you’re looking to partner with a few social media influencers and bloggers, add a few affiliates to your program, or put together a completely new influencer marketing plan, you’ll need to find the best publishers for the job. And that’s why we’ve created an easy-to-use tool that lets you choose from and recruit a variety of quality affiliates, influencers, and other publishers – all in one place.


Publishers like affiliates, influencers, and bloggers can play a big role in today’s marketing world. Affiliates give trusted reviews and recommend their new favorite finds to their followers. Influencers can work as the faces of a brand, and whether their content is ultra-relatable or more aspirational, they make perfect collaborative brand ambassadors while providing word-of-mouth advertising to their audiences. Bloggers have often established themselves as experts in an area or niche, and they often are interested in brand sponsorships, ads, and the chance to share the products that fit their personal brand with their readers.


Working with these sorts of publishers can be an affordable and profitable way to market to a desired audience. But first, you must know which type of publishers you want. There are a lot of them out there. To choose the right publishers for your program, you might consider narrowing down the search and filtering affiliates, influencers, and bloggers by:

·         Industry/niche – You’ll want their industry or niche to be a good match with your own. It may be the same as your industry/niche or tangentially related to it – but it should make sense to partner with them.

·         Location – Are you looking for local customers? Do you want to reach people from certain countries or specific locations?

·         Demographic – Do you have an ideal influencer or affiliate type? Age, gender, and other identifiable characteristics may be preferred by brands who want to reach certain target demographics.

·         Audience demographic – Who is the publisher reaching? If your product is intended for men between 18-34, for example, you’ll want to partner with publishers who have largely young male audiences.

·         Number of followers – You can choose to work with influencers who have larger audiences or smaller audiences. Audience size is often one factor in engagement rate, as well as the amount per-post a publisher will charge. 

Rather than searching social media for weeks or months and having to essentially cold-call the publishers, hoping they reply, there is a better way to find the quality publishers you need when you need them. The Publisher Finders tool allows you to search for the types of affiliates, bloggers, and influencers that you’re looking for and then reach to them through a network email. The web publishers in our network have all established a social media and online presence and have built up followings through their content. They’re looking to join new affiliate marketing and influencer marketing programs, partner with brands, and advertise to their followers.

If you want to see how it works, sign up now for our free 14-day trial. If you’re ready for a longer-term commitment to finding publishers, check out our affordable subscription rates. The content creators you need to maximize your marketing goals are waiting to connect with you today at – try it out!  


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