There are many ways to motivate and retain your affiliates for optimal performance in your affiliate program.


There are many ways to motivate and retain your affiliates for optimal performance in your affiliate program, but are you aware of what they are? Publisher Finders wants to be the one to tell and teach you all of the tricks of the trade when it comes to running this aspect of your affiliate program. Who better to listen to than the experts? Keep reading for easy ways to motivate and retain your affiliates.


1. Onboarding and training new affiliates:

Onboarding and training new affiliates are essential. This lays out a foundation of expectations so that affiliates have a clear set of guidelines for what they are to accomplish and how. It also mitigates the guessing games that can be stressful and confusing when expectations are unclear. To avoid this, provide detailed information on your products, services and campaign launches. Affiliates are going to not only want to know, but they need to know what they are promoting. This means offering training and support materials - another important step for onboarding. Affiliates want to know that they are a part of the team, and this will help them feel as such. Together, these strategies will help to establish clear expectations and guidelines to keep your affiliate program a smooth-running ship with peak performance.


2. Providing value to affiliates:

Retaining affiliates is going to be your other goal once your affiliates are acclimated to your program and their new responsibilities. Three main ways you can accomplish this is by offering competitive commission rates, providing exclusive discounts and promotions, and offering regular incentives and bonuses for top-performing affiliates. Competitive commission rates are key to recruiting and retaining quality publishers who will want to know that the content they produce will be rewarded accordingly. Enticing discounts and promotions offer the kind of exclusivity your affiliates won’t be able to get from any other affiliate programs. Strategic compensation for your affiliates will make it more likely that they will rise to the top of their performance game and be rewarded for it. Prove that you see your affiliates as a valuable partner, because they are!


3. Incentives for affiliates:

Incentives for affiliates are just one more way that you can retain affiliates and assure that they are performing optimally. Because these are your affiliates, it is likely that they are performing at their highest potential and that is why you are working closely with them in the first place. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t provide incentives that make content creation more inspiring and profitable for them and for your brand. Commission bonuses for top sales are a monetary strategy to motivate your affiliates while providing access to exclusive products and services. However, you should also consider offering non-monetary, and intangible, incentives such as recognition and rewards. These are equally vital when it comes to instilling value in affiliates. It is motivating for your affiliates to know that their efforts are appreciated. This recognition is also going to be what makes your affiliates want to continue partnering with your company.


When it comes to your affiliates, you need to treat them right. Take pride in them and they will do the same with their content creation. To find and recruit the best affiliates for your brand, start with a FREE 14-day trial subscription to Publisher Finders and start partnering with them today! There is no better time to begin optimizing performance than the present!


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