PublisherFinders was developed by individuals with over 20 years of experience in ecommerce, digital marketing, and affiliate marketing industries.

Finding quality affiliate influencers has never been so easy. offers the needed support by providing you and your team with a specialized search tool designed by experts in the field that can help you find and recruit web publishers and influencers to promote your dating website and enrich your affiliate program.

PublisherFinders was developed by individuals with over 20 years of experience in ecommerce, digital marketing, and affiliate marketing industries. Their specialized affiliate search and recruit tool can enable you to easily reach out and connect with hundreds of quality affiliates to expand your dating program. The expansive database at PublisherFinders will enable you to search for affiliates by keyword to quickly identify potential partners and can assist in crafting a contact email to jump-start the recruiting of quality affiliates. Users can opt-in to receive email notifications of new affiliates and publishers they may be interested in.

Coincidentally, a dating website and an affiliate marketing program share several attributes and qualities.  For example, a dating site’s goal is for clients to find partners and relationships.  The same is true of an affiliate marketing program. Utilizing the Publisher Finders database that can match you to a wide range of vetted, quality partners and relationships is sort of what the dating service will do. The process of good matchmaking is a shared goal. Both platforms are looking to make a good match for its users, and want to help everyone find “love” in all the right places. If you’re in the business of running marketing for a dating service then you may find the similarities to be striking.

Again, it’s all about knowing what qualities you want or need in an affiliate partner.  Certainly, you want to be a good partner as well. It’s your shared audiences that will attract you to each other. Those audiences are a means of revenue for both you and your affiliate partners. In an affiliate partnership, you need someone who is a good communicator and skilled at engaging with their audience (aka your potential customers). Your shared values and ideas will contribute to the vibrancy of your advertising relationship. Honesty and loyalty are very important to both as well.  A solid database tool can turn your affiliate search and recruit process into a mission. can get you going in the right direction by making it easy for you to connect with content creators who are right for your program and your market niche.

Promoting a website can be a daunting task.  Strong content creators and influencers that are built into your marketing strategy will leverage and scale up your audience reach and sales. Each affiliate, influencer, and publisher has generated an audience they can present your products to. In the world of dating, examples of advertising synergy might include clothing vendors, toiletries, hair salons, exercise clubs, travel-related groups, and others who may also be attracted to your company's product line.   

Once you have your targeted affiliates on board, your company will gain a multi-faceted marketing strategy in place that will maximize your ad campaigns and your ROI. The quality of the affiliates reflects on you. You will need to be thorough during your search for the right affiliates to represent your brand. The Publisher Finders database will give you many affiliates to choose from, and you can pick the most relevant and the most complimentary ones to fit your branding.

The best way to recruit affiliates to promote your dating website is to employ an up-to-date, high-resolution database that can provide the most promising affiliate partners for your program. With little or no risk, you can try Publisher Finders today and get started recruiting vetted affiliates to your program.

Publisher Finders is a monthly subscription software platform and is currently offering a 14-day FREE trial, and you don’t need a credit card to get FREE access! is completely confident that once you’ve actually used this intuitive search tool, you will want it in your marketing toolbox to continue recruiting quality publishers and affiliates to promote your dating website to grow your program and your profits.


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