To grow a brand, you want to increase not only website traffic and social media views, but you want that traffic and those views to be made up of the right kind of audience.


How recognizable is your brand? When talking about brand recognition, it’s about more than just logos or jingles – brand recognition in today’s advertising world also means making sure that you’re getting your brand in front of the right audience for it. It means making it recognizable in the ways that it will be appreciated by its target audience. And it can mean real growth for your brand in every way that matters.


To grow a brand, you want to increase not only website traffic and social media views, but you want that traffic and those views to be made up of the right kind of audience. Your right audience, or target audience, is the people who are interested in your industry or niche and are likely to become your customers, subscribers, or followers. And to get your brand recognized by these people, you should be advertising with publishers.


Affiliate marketing and influencer marketing can highlight what your brand is about and talk it up to an engaged consumer audience. When you advertise with publishers, you can boost brand recognition in important ways by also seeing a positive increase in your:



One key goal of most publisher marketing campaigns is to increase sales or other desired consumer actions. And it’s where affiliates and influencers shine. Since theyand the brand they’ve partnered with both benefit directly from each sale, subscription or other site conversion they’ve contributed to, the publisher will be motivated to convert as many of their followers as they can. More sales can equal greater brand awareness, customers reviews, recommendations, and repeat customers.    




Many influencers, affiliates, and other content creators operate on social media, but they’re on popular platforms all over the internet. And both social media sites and other popular platforms are great for SEO. Search Engine Optimization can be indirectly boosted by increasing your brands presence on social media and other Google-friendly sites. How about those influencer YouTube videos? They’re great for SEO. The links that send followers back to your website? A smart SEO strategy. A greater general interest in your brand that can lead to more searches and repeat site visits? There’s no downside to it.   


Brand Reputation

Here’s how it can happen: a prominent person is seen drinking a certain brand of soda. This person is looked up to within their industry. Even subconsciously, whatever brands that person likes or chooses is viewed positively by their audience. This positive association can spur imitation – their audience may also become loyal to that brand of soda. And that’s influencer and affiliate marketing at its core. A person who is respected by their followers can recommend or review a brand’s product, and just that recommendation or review can boost interest in and opinion of the brand.



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