If you manage an affiliate marketing program, you are probably on the lookout for relevant affiliates you can recruit to your program.


If you manage an affiliate marketing program, you are probably on the lookout for relevant affiliates you can recruit to your program. And not only are you looking for new affiliates, but you are also looking for good affiliates. But what makes an affiliate good?


A quality affiliate will be able to promote your products to their followers and do so in a way that’s engaging while upholding the standards of your brand. A good affiliate is creative and conscious of the quality of their content. An affiliate who is above average will be able to adapt as your campaigns do.


But there is more to it than that. Just like your brand is unique, so is your affiliate campaign. The perfect affiliates for your program will - to put it simply, be what you need them to be That means, the niche, the look, the follower statistics, the way they present content – you’ll know it when you see it. But when you’re recruiting affiliate, you’ll want to: 


Check Out an Affiliate’s Track Record

Are they posting regularly? Do the tone of their posts match what you’re looking for? Are they presenting themselves in a way that’s consistent with the aesthetics and mission of your brand? Affiliates become brand partners by crating content and – through that content – attracting a following. They can then promote products, sales, and deals to their audience. Consider the visible track record of an affiliate when deciding if they will fit your program.


Discuss Your Program with an Affiliate

The relationship between an affiliate and a brand is mutually beneficial – the affiliate gets paid per post or with each subscription/referral, etc. and a brand gets exposure, increased site traffic, and more sales, leads, and sign-ups. However, your affiliate program will have its specifics that an affiliate should be aware of, and you’ll have expectations for each of the affiliates in your program. Being able to discuss the goals of an affiliate program helps keep the expectations of both the affiliate and the brand/program manager in a healthy place.


Ask Yourself: Is this affiliate a good fit?

When you’re recruiting affiliates publishers for your program, you can be a little choosy. Because while partnering with a number of affiliates is crucial to an affiliate program’s success, the quality of those affiliates is even more crucial. Selecting the publishers who are best for your program will let you set up a team of high-performing affiliates.

So, where can you start looking for the affiliates you need? You can look through social media pages; you can turn some former customers into affiliates; but if you want to bring on some great new brand partners, we recommend using an affiliate recruitment tool.


Use an Affiliate Network for Recruiting

All the affiliates you’re looking for – all in one place. Our Publisher Finders tool is a database of active affiliates and publishers who are ready to join affiliate programs. As one of the largest databases of publishers available, we give our subscribers access to affiliates across all industries and niches. When you use our affiliate networking tool, you’ll be able to analyze a publisher’s content and reach out to them to discuss joining your program. Sign up for a free 14-day trial now or see our prices here. If you’re managing an affiliate program, make recruitment easier when you join Publisher Finders.


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