Selling business services online is a great way to make money. If you are selling business services then Affiliate Leads has the affiliates that will gladly sell for you. They know there is money in it, and they also know that they do not have to hold any physical stock to sell. Businesses need cloud storage, email, help with incorporation and other business services.

You may know that there are many companies offering business services and many resellers who market these services aggressively. You are up against determined competitors, many of whom are already using all the tools at their disposal, such as SEO, PPC, and affiliate marketing.


Affiliate recruitment is your best bet. Why? Because it is the quickest way to sales. SEO takes time. Content creation is not easy. PPC costs money, and you are not paying for results. Affiliates that you recruit get paid when they deliver results. You are able to benefit from their web properties and reach. This easily exceeds the reach of many individual businesses. This reach is achieved through newsletters to targeted audiences that include businesses and individual users, laser-targeted content, social media, and videos too.


We have in our database some of the most successful business services affiliates and they want to do business with you. Our database is available to you for a very low fee. There is no way any PPC or SEO marketing plan can yield you the same returns that you will get from our business.


Once signed up for Publisher Finders, you can search by keyword for B2B and SaaS affiliates that would be a great fit for your company. We have a huge number of affiliate marketers and bloggers who are enthusiastically promoting business services. These affiliates have a following who trust their recommendations. Business services and Saas tools are purchased by businesses and our affiliates can send institutional buyers to your websites. That’s serious money.


Affiliate marketers and partners you sign up will be at the vanguard of your sales efforts. They will make you money. Affiliates value relationships with businesses and we exhort you to keep your affiliates and partners happy. You have a great opportunity to do so with because you have a one-on-one interaction with them. gives you a great opportunity to recruit the best B2B, Saas, and business services affiliates out there.

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