Social media has become a real powerhouse in the marketing world.

How are you using social media? Sure, it’s a great way to keep in touch with friends, follow your favorites, and stay on top of the latest trends. But are you making full use of what social media can do for your brand or business?

It’s more than dances and hashtags – social media has become a real powerhouse in the marketing world. The most popular online social platforms, like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook, have allowed brands and businesses of all sizes to connect with consumers like never before. These platforms are set up to allow for sharing, interaction, recommendations, and more – making them the perfect tool for advertising to a target audience. Using social media advertising strategies as part of a brand marketing campaign can facilitate:


Connection with an Audience

People use social media to connect – to be a part of a community, to share with others, and to find what excites and inspires them. Social media is built for engagement: individuals and brands alike can communicate directly with customers and future customers, answer questions, get feedback in real-time, and more.


Growth of a Customer Base

Social media is also built to grow. Whether it’s a list of followers, or the content on a page, building out, expanding, and sharing across multiple platforms is what a social media page is designed for. This design presents a great opportunity for brands, allowing for a variety of fresh content and easy shareability, not to mention the increased targeted traffic that can be driven back to a website from each social media post.


Brand Recognition and Loyalty

Social media also means exposure. For some brands, just a bit more exposure to the right audience is all that it takes to get the ball rolling. Advertising on Instagram and other social media sites also allows brands and brand representatives to build a rapport with their audience and grow a loyal following.


Using social media can take an advertising campaign to the next level, and make the most of any sized marketing budget. So, how can you start using social media platforms to grow your brand? You need publishers. Publishers like:



With anywhere from a few hundred to a million-plus followers, influencers have established their reputation within a niche or industry and can bring clout, credibility, and a friendly face to brands looking to reach out to new audiences.  



Like influencers, affiliates have built up a following of folks who look to them for their expert opinions and advice. Affiliates promote products and services that they use and like, as well as products that are a good fit for their area of interest.



Bloggers can help brands who are looking to create longer-form content and boost SEO and site conversion, as well as develop a relationship with an audience by sharing info about the things they’re interested in and want to learn more about.


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