Publisher Finders is number one because it is specialized affiliate search tool was designed by experts with over 20 years of experience in digital marketing and affiliate marketing. is your premier source for finding the right affiliates to promote your D2C brand and products. Publisher Finders is number one because it is specialized affiliate search tool was designed by experts with over 20 years of experience in digital marketing and affiliate marketing. This easy-to-use affiliate database is updated continually with new affiliates from across all industry niches. Publisher Finders will dramatically increase the number and type of affiliates you recruit, and will enable you to partner with more of them to promote your D2C products online. Having easy-access to a quality source of web publishers and content creators can help your D2C company take on the most difficult challenges of running an affiliate program - finding and recruiting choice affiliates.


As a Direct-to-consumer, D2C, the brands you sell directly to customers online can bypass wholesalers and retailers, and move your merchandise more efficiently across many market channels. You get to control your user's experience and collect first-party shopper data to increase your profitability. Billion-dollar D2C winners have become household words like Amazon or Dollar Shave Club.  D2C includes businesses of all sizes, and its market reach spans the globe. Every country on earth has D2C- from small start-ups to giant companies.


None of this would be possible without the internet which has provided B2C businesses with limitless opportunities to connect with an enormous spectrum of consumers. Unfortunately, the Internet is also an extremely noisy environment. You’re pelted with advertisements from a myriad of directions - some trusted and some not trusted sources. Knowing who is reputable and who is not is where PublisherFinders intuitive software can help your D2C business find relevant affiliates who can help you expand your affiliate marketing program.

Finding and recruiting D2C affiliates can help you get your affiliate program to the next level.  Leveraging your success to achieve greater success incrementally will allow your ad campaigns and your D2C affiliate program to grow organically and become more profitable.


Traditional wholesalers and retailers mark up product prices after buying from manufacturers.  D2C suppliers market directly to consumers. Your D2C can make the same profit and still offer strong competitive prices to your customers, reinforce brand loyalty, and build community engagement. You won’t be burning customers with inferior products because your quality and any needed corrections are right on your dashboard.  Quality usually isn’t sacrificed in the process because D2C brands actively innovate and improve to meet the demands of their customers.


One interesting example is Pet by Tasty. They harnessed the dynamism of the internet and animal content into the natural pet food business.  They harnessed the power of their well thought out affiliate marketing strategies.  Successful D2C brands have demonstrated the power of affiliate marketing.  Today's publishers are searching for companies such as yours to be partners with just as much as you want to recruit relevant D2C web publishers. Publisher Finders can help you identify and partner with these affiliate prospects.

As already mentioned, the added benefit of affiliate marketing partnerships with D2C companies is the ability to expand a brand’s reach across many social networks to increase brand awareness, leads, traffic, and sales. Affiliate publishers and content creators can connect your brand with their followers in an authentic and engaging manner that often surpasses more traditional forms of advertising.

If you are ready to launch or expand your D2C affiliate marketing program, then it’s time to reach out to, the leading source of affiliate web publishers and influencers for D2C companies.  This affiliate search tools’ effectiveness is derived from its innovative developers who are well-versed in the ecommerce, digital marketing, and affiliate marketing industries. Experience and knowledge consolidated over two decades is at your fingertips! New affiliates and publishers are regularly added to the Publisher Finders database, and its users can receive email updates when new affiliates have been added that fit their search and recruit criteria.

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