There is a high probability that your primary responsibility is to recruit personnel, especially super affiliates, for your affiliate program.


As an affiliate manager, there is a high probability that your primary responsibility is to recruit personnel, especially super affiliates, for your affiliate program. Simplify your recruiting effort when you get acquainted with Publisher Finders.


Publisher Finders was created by Evan Weber, an expert in e-commerce, affiliate marketing, and digital marketing, based on his 20 years of growing affiliate programs for 300+ companies. If there is anyone you should trust to build an affiliate search and recruitment tool, it’s him. Weber has proved to be an all-star in the affiliate marketing industry and his Publisher Finders website can help you become one, too!


Publisher Finders offers a unique search tool that was designed to be user-friendly and to help affiliate managers and influencer managers find affiliate marketers, publishers, content creators, social media influencers, and lucrative partnerships. This means that Publisher Finders is the place to be as your number one source for recruiting web publishers to your affiliate program. On top of the easy-to-use search tool, it allows any brand or company to easily search and find relevant affiliates and publishers by keyword, as well as access lists of known super-affiliate producers.


That isn’t even all of what we provide to our users. Keep reading for a list of benefits of subscribing to our platform:


1.  Users can create lists of the affiliates and super-affiliates they want to prospect.

The ability to create lists will benefit you for the moment and for in the future. Keep track of prospective web publishers and super-affiliates to work with as well as who you currently work with when networking. This means that all of your resources will be in one space making your life so much simpler and more organized.


2.  Users can receive email notifications alerting them to relevant affiliates looking to connect with them.

In addition to users being able to customize their search lists of prospective super affiliates, subscribers can also opt-in to receive email notifications from affiliates who want to connect with you. Is there a publisher you want to recruit to your affiliate program who is not currently accepting recruitment at the moment? That is A-OK because by adding them to your list you can keep track of their availability and work with them as soon as they are available.


3.  Users can receive email notifications of new super affiliates and publishers they may be interested in.

Similar to email notifications of web publisher affiliates and web publishers that you may be interested in, you can receive email updates of new affiliates that have been added to the database that you may be interested in. This means that you can become acquainted with prospective affiliates that may not have originally been on your radar. It is a win-win for everyone involved!


Gain IMMEDIATE access to a carefully curated database that is full of quality super affiliates and web publishers. Finding people who want to work with you doesn’t need to be a daunting task. Publisher Finders wants to make the process of finding and recruiting affiliate publishers and influencers easier so you can allocate more time to building your brand and growing your company.


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