Recruiting the top affiliates for any industry is certainly possible, but it can take a little work and maybe the right connections to go it alone.


What’s the best way to find and recruit top affiliates? Recruiting the top affiliates for any industry is certainly possible, but it can take a little work and maybe the right connections to go it alone. There are many affiliate publishers out there, of course. They’re all over many social media and popular websites, sharing, promoting, and engaging with their growing audiences. But, for any business or brand that wants to get started with affiliate marketing or build up an affiliate program, recruiting top affiliates in the best way is the way to go. That means recruiting in a way that is both efficient and effective.

The affiliate recruiting process involves a few steps. First, an affiliate manager should take a look at what they have to offer influencers and other publishers. Is the program inviting? Is it a worthwhile partnership? At best, the relationship between an affiliate publisher and a brand is mutually beneficial. There should be an incentive to join a program for any potential affiliate, just as there should be a good reason for wanting to bring an affiliate onboard. Quality affiliates reflect a brand’s reputability, but an affiliate is also building their reputation with each promotion they post. Therefore, it should be a good match for both the affiliate and the brand. A business owner or affiliate marketing manager should make sure that their affiliate program is at its very best.  A website, social media presence, and promotional material should also be at the most professional level possible so that affiliates will want to promote the product or service to their followers.

After making sure that a program and its incentives are up to par, it’s time to do some analysis. Taking a look at your current customer base and your desired audience is important, since the goal is to find affiliates that will be able to effectively promote to the same people you want for customers. Knowing who your targeted customer is, being clear about your growth goals, and being able to identify the affiliates who will meet your necessary recruitment criteria is essential.

Then, it’s time to start looking for new affiliates. Not wasting time and effort here is key. Finding the best affiliates - meaning the ones who will fit your brand and are ready to hit the ground running, will allow for program growth and maximum ROI. That’s where connections can help. Instead of looking all over the place for the best affiliates in your industry, going to a source that can quickly provide you with relative affiliate marketers who want to be recruited to programs like yours, saves time, effort, and money.

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