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Identifying, locating, and on-boarding - or in other words recruiting affiliates - can be one of the most challenging parts of launching and growing an affiliate program. Where do you start to look for publishers and influencers? Once you have a list of potential affiliates, how do you approach them? You will need to assess each affiliate to determine if they’re a good fit for your program and any products or services you will want them promoting. You will need a coherent strategy to reach out to each one.  Finally, how to get them to join your program?


Keep in mind, affiliate recruitment isn’t a one and done effort. You will need to be ready to communicate effectively with your new publishers and influencers. You will also need to demonstrate to them the benefits and incentives they will earn from the proposed affiliate relationship. Recruiting affiliates will become an ongoing search and recruit effort. Certainly the more you have the better, but quality is more important than quantity. The Pareto Principle (aka the 80/20 rule) applies to affiliates in that 80% of affiliates’ sales will be attributable to only 20% of your affiliates. In other words, you should always be ready to convince a new potential publisher and social media influencer to be part of your affiliate program.


Affiliates come in many forms. An affiliate is any individual or company that is ready to commit to marketing or promoting your brand, your products, and any services your company might offer -  in return for a commission. Variations in the quality and effectiveness of affiliates is also a big factor to understand. Knowing what type of affiliate to recruit, engage with, and retain over time is essential. Here are some common types

       Couponers- Coupon websites typically feature discounts on their homepage, make coupons searchable by industry or brand, and have an email newsletter with curated deals.

       Content Creators- Content creators are any person or company that creates content to educate and entertain an audience. It could be articles, e-books, videos, podcasts, visual graphics, online commentary, or photography. That content is distributed across various channels that may include a blog, website, newsletter, podcast, videos, or a social media channel.

       Review Websites- Product reviews can demonstrate a product or focus on what a reviewer likes and doesn’t like. The content typically provides a lot of detail about a product like features, pros/cons, product images, ratings, and pricing. It is common for shoppers to search for your product, service, or brand after seeing a demo or product review by a trusted content creator.

       Video Creators-Content creators will create detailed videos about a specific product or service that may include a tutorial, best of video, walk through or a product review.

       Email Marketing- affiliates may have extensive lists of targeted audiences. The affiliate might send daily, weekly or monthly newsletters. Newsletters are a great way to get exposure to new audiences.

       Influencers on Social Media- Influencers promote various products or services directly or indirectly on their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok. When potential customers see that their favorite person on social media uses your product, it will likely increase sales.

Additionally, your affiliates will need to be vetted and trusted with actively promoting your brand online to their website followers.  So what is the easiest way to make all of this happen?

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