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Social media has changed the way people share information about their lives, and how they keep in touch with old and new friends, alike. But it’s done more than that. It has also changed the way brands and companies advertise and build relationships with their customers. The popularity of social media has re-shaped how and where it is possible to connect with an audience.


Brands partnering with influencers and other digital media publishers has been a game-changer in the marketing world. It makes things immediate and personal. It gives a real-life review or demonstration. It’s often a ringing endorsement, approved by a publisher with a valued opinion. Getting an influencer marketing program or an affiliate marketing program going can mean significant growth, and a huge boost to site traffic and sales. Let’s take a quick look at the who, what, and where of working with publishers and influencers.   


Who influencers, affiliates, and other publishers are

A publisher can be anyone with an online presence and an engaged following. This person will publish content – photos, videos, blogs, vlogs, product demos, etc. – to one or more social media sites, their own website, or both. Their audience – followers, subscribers, listeners, regular readers/site visitors – keeps up with the publisher and takes interest in their latest updates. Celebrities and models work as influencers, as do stay-at-home moms and college students. Influencers and affiliates will have expertise in an area. They may be self-taught or learning as they go, too, but they are passionate about their area of interest and will be able to recommend products or services to their followers. Influencers and other publishers will often have a unique style and personality that resonates with their audience.  And, maybe,  most of all, they will have a knack for audience engagement.


What these publishers do

Publishers post content regularly to the platforms they are active on. They may post their own content along with ads and branded posts (posts for which the influencers are paid, often advertisements or reviews done in partnership with a brand or business.) Influencers, affiliates, and other publishers


Some influencers will have a huge following and some will have much smaller audiences. But the influencer effect can deliver the message – the ad, the promo, the review, or the limited-time deal, to their audience, and turn a percentage of them into new customers. Influencers can be categorized by the following sizes:

          Mega influencers – More than 1 million followers


          Macro influencers – More than 100,000 followers


          Micro influencers – 1,000 – 100,000 followers


The type of influencer or publisher that a brand or company decides to work with will depend on their marketing strategies and goals, budget, target audience, and other considerations. There are publishers for just about every industry and niche who are very effective at promoting the brands and products they like.  


Where to find influencers and other publishers

They’re on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. They have podcasts, blogs, and newsletters. They’re regularly posting and engaging with their followers. And now, they’re available on the Publisher Finders tool.

We’ve created a tool that makes it easy to search for publishers, and then reach out to them. If you’re an affiliate manager, influencer marketing manager, or brand owner who needs quality publishers for your marketing programs, we are here to help you link up with them. With this new tool, you can find the types of influencers, affiliates, and other publishers you’re looking for, email them securely, and start growing your advertising campaigns. Get a FREE 14-day trial or sign up TODAY as a monthly or yearly subscriber and start finding new publishers now!

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