Strategies and tips for recruiting publishers and influencers.

You're an affiliate manager and you need to recruit publishers and influencers. Perhaps you're building a new program or you're trying to expand an existing program.  Either way, recruiting publishers and influencers for your client can be one of the most challenging and time-consuming tasks to undertake.

Are you ready to communicate effectively with your new publishers and influencers? What benefits and incentives can you pitch to them? It stands to reason, the more your publishers and influencers know about your program the better the results they will deliver. You’re ready if you’ve listed the key benefits you bring to the partnership. You are ready if you’ve rehearsed your introduction and you have identified potential publishers and influencers you most want to bring on board. Ready, on your mark, get set, and go! The more you do it the better you’ll be at it!

Here’s a list of strategies and tips for recruiting publishers and influencers:

        Outreach email to your target list of websites, blogs, and other web publishers you believe are well followed.  Your prospecting for the publishers that will bring your messaging forward.  Done repeatedly it will work.

        You can also run Google keyword searches. When you select the keyword phrases in your niche you can open a channel to recruit. It may be a tedious process but it can bear fruit!

        Google Adwords and Bing Ads target search the web for the phrases you request. You can see how effective it is by assigning a tracking link to the campaign. 

        Publish online press releases. You can gain organic rankings for search phrases related to your affiliate niche.

        Facebook Ads can become one of the best ways to bring on new affiliates and partners. Try running Facebook ads targeting people in marketing, blogging, and trade shows.

        Make sure your web page reflects your pitch. Does it include video? Sell the benefits. Enlist SEO keyword phrases that resonate with desired influencers and publishers.

        Attend trade shows and conferences. There are many in every field.  If you attend a trade show with the intention of meeting affiliates and partners, it can produce. 

        LinkedIn is a great place to meet people and network in general. There are plenty of LinkedIn groups in the affiliate industry and even blogger groups.

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