Influencers and other publishers have become highly sought after in the digital advertising world, with brands big and small partnering with these content creators.

If you want to recruit content creators, you’re not alone. Influencers and other publishers have become highly sought after in the digital advertising world, with brands big and small partnering with these content creators. From influencers and affiliates to bloggers and vloggers, each web publisher has a unique appeal and a dedicated audience. Many of these creators work not only to grow their audiences and increase their popularity, but also to promote the products and brands that fit their personal brand.  Finding quality publishers and content creators to work with can bring something special to an ad campaign, including:



There’s no denying it, influencers and content creators can be very effective in generating attention. Marketers consider influencer marketing to be one of the most successful ways to reach a desired audience. The right publisher can be a brand ambassador, a testimonial or review, and a walking advertisement all at once. Since these content creators each have a measurable audience reach, their posts are often seen by a group of regular page-viewers, and each of their viewers has the potential to become a new customer for your business or brand.  Growing your own following as well as your customer base can be done with quality web publishers.  



Advertising through influencers, bloggers, and other affiliate publishers gives your ads immediacy, and allows an audience to connect with your brand or products in an authentic way. An influencer or other publisher has a unique presence on an online platform that has made them part of their audience members’ lives. They’re often able to speak to their audience in a way that’s relatable and meaningful, which can give  your brand that extra vote of confidence that a consumer needs to take the next step.



Publishers can reach audiences – right on their feed or favorite sites and inspire them to take action. Reaching customers through affiliate and influencer marketing lets you tap into a community of people who share similar interests and likes, and who will be interested in hearing what the influencer or affiliate has to say. If that influencer or affiliate is promoting a product or offer, it can be done with more audience engagement than many other types of advertising. 


You know you need high-quality publishers if you want to start making use of influencer and affiliate marketing opportunities. For the amount of time and advertising dollars spent on each post, you can build brand recognition and loyalty, and see a real increase in your conversion rate. But what do you do when you need to find quality content creators, but can’t spend all day searching for them?


Try the Publisher Finders tool. With this new resource, you can look through a database of relevant influencers, affiliates, bloggers and other web publishers. The content creators in our network are working in marketing programs and they’re ready to partner with brands and companies like yours. Once you find a publisher you want to work with, you will be able to reach out to them directly. No more scrolling and direct messages, just a channel of professional communication between publishers and the brands that want to partner with them. Recruiting content creators has never been faster or simpler. To see how it works, sign up today for a free two-week trial. You can then become a subscribing Publisher Finders member and keep saving time while building up your influencer marketing program.


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