Publisher Finders wants to be your one-stop resource when it comes to finding and recruiting publishers and influencers to join your affiliate programs for DTC brands.

Direct-to-customer branding and affiliate networking is not a new concept, but it might be something that is new to you. You may be wondering, what the top affiliate networks are for DTC brands? These can be tricky to find. Pressure is only added if, as an affiliate manager, your responsibility is to grow and manage your programs. It is helpful to know all of your affiliate network options and to familiarize yourself with the platforms that are best suited for your program’s needs. Publisher Finders wants to be your one-stop resource when it comes to finding and recruiting publishers and influencers to join your affiliate programs for DTC brands. Working with the leading source of publishers and influencers will make your job as an affiliate manager much easier.


Before you commit to us, we want you to be aware of some of the best affiliate networks for DTC brands:


1.  CJ

CJ is an affiliate marketing network that succeeds in meeting the needs of its clients. This affiliate network has been a top choice for thousands of brands globally and across all niche markets. CJ will work with you to achieve business growth and to help you connect with affiliates in your industry.  CJ wants to help you grow your customer base which in turn will increase revenue which is why they have such satisfactory results.


2.  Impact

Another popular option that affiliate managers use to connect with new affiliates in their network is Impact. Impact is a partner management platform that aims to enhance partnerships with affiliates to grow your affiliate programs. They offer services depending on what you are looking for as either a brand or publisher for what best fits your needs.


3.  Shareasale

Shareasale is a trusted affiliate marketing network that can help grow your affiliate programs quickly. Shareasale allows program managers to monetize content and increase online leads and sales. They focus on outreach to help you partner with brands that you love on the affiliate side of things.  Another plus for Shareasale is its values-based approach for fair business practices and an emphasis on its customer-first business model.


4.  Rakuten Linkshare

Rakuten Linkshare is an affiliate marketing network which helps connect you with new customers to expand brand awareness and program growth. Their platform makes it easy to build long-term relationships with your brand. With over 25 years in the industry, they are a popular choice for growing affiliate programs for DTC brands.


With all that being said, you may be thinking, so why Publisher Finders? That is a great question to be asking yourself. And the answer is simple. There are many other platforms out there for you to use at your disposal. But, none of them can connect you as quickly with relevant affiliate web publishers and influencers that you will need to build a better and more profitable affiliate program.  While offering immediate access to the Publisher Finders carefully curated database that can be accessed with a simple search, you will have publishers, affiliates, influencers, and content creators that are eagerly waiting to connect with you and join your program. When you subscribe to Publisher Finders, you’ll gain access to the most up-to-date database of quality publishers, and be able to create lists to keep track of the ones you most want to partner with for your DTC brand. We do the work so you don’t have to. Make the process hassle-free with Publisher Finders.


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