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There are so many outlets to create content these days. The developing team behind  has over 15 years providing top companies with affiliate web publishers and content creators to help grow their businesses. maintains a qualified database of content creators and affiliate web publishers who are ready to partner with companies in every industry niche. Content creators are skilled at producing unique and engaging content that is designed to drive quality traffic to websites, blogs and other online or ecommerce web pages. Content creators can execute reliably, and publish great content online that resonates with a company’s messaging and significantly impact the visibility of the brands they promote.


PublisherFinders does the tedious work of finding and vetting content creators so you don’t have to. For subscribers, exclusive access to the PublisherFinders database means a quick search can find you the type of content creators you will want to recruit to your affiliate programs.


When it comes to content creators, it's all about reliability! Ultimately, you will want to recruit reliable content creators who will understand how you want your brand to be represented, and how best to tailor their content to fit your company’s voice., can help you find relative content creators who will get your brand out in front of a targeted and engaged audience.


The Importance of SEO in Content Creation

Suitability is important when it comes to finding content creators. Do they know enough to produce content that properly represents your brand and products? Can they create engaging content for their followers that could motivate them to connect with your company’s brand? What platforms do they use to connect with their audience?


Let's speak of the pachyderm in the chamber; SEO! When it comes to written content on the web, SEO is an important skill set every content writer/creator needs to at least understand if not embrace. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.


Knowledge of SEO centers around search engines, like Google, and the algorithms it uses to sort out who is searching for what on their system - and seeing what websites are generating the best user experience. Writers who stay up-to-date on Google’s continuous algorithm updates can get ahead of the competition, secure top rankings, and generate more web traffic for you.


Google lists paid/sponsored ads first on the page that responds to your search. The responses after the paid ads are called “organic” search results. These are placed in order of their ranking with Google. Ranking is an important part of the algorithm. Ranking determines how far back your website will appear after any given search. The top-ranked results show up on page one which is the coveted placement for any company. Organic results obtain their ranking based on how Google measures the customer experience. In 2011, Google introduced Panda to eliminate keyword stacking and web spam which is when keywords just strung together are used to influence ranking. Today Google is not easily fooled. For instance, it measures dwell time. If users look at a site and leave immediately, it hurts the ranking, and flag sit as a useless search. If people stay and read and forward a page, the ranking goes up. If your site is referenced by trustworthy sites like The New York Times, ranking shoots up. Google and other search engines are constantly updating their search trends and rankings. 


The point is that since Panda came along, content creation requires content writers to provide meaning for the reader. The writer needs to have some awareness of SEO keywords (BTW it’s actually Key Phrases, not single words) and the basic knowledge of how trending and search frequency applies to content publishing. Good quality online content whether it be written, live, or prerecorded, drives traffic, but it can’t just be junk content. Find and recruit quality publishers today that can produce the content you need to grow your online traffic and sales. Get 14 days of FREE access when you sign up now at

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