D2C and affiliate marketing were made for each other. Affiliates and relevant web publishers hold the keys to leveraging and scaling D2C businesses.


D2C and affiliate marketing were made for each other.  Affiliates and relevant web publishers hold the keys to leveraging and scaling D2C businesses. offers its specialized tools designed by experts to help D2C businesses find affiliate web publishers to promote their brand. 

In a nutshell, direct-to-consumer brands sell directly to customers online. They bypass the middlemen wholesalers and retailers. They take control of their user experience, collect first-party shopper data and increase their profitability margins. Mega-examples are Warby Parker, Everlane, Dollar Shave Club and Bonobos who all sprung up online due to access to the internet.  Aside from the giants, D2C business start-ups are born world-wide practically every minute.  Perhaps you are one of the new to market D2C’s.


As they grow, affiliate marketing accelerates revenues to allow further growth through the more expensive digital channels and platforms. Traditional wholesalers and retailers mark up product prices after buying from manufacturers.  D2C suppliers market directly to consumers, they make the same profit, and can save their customers money. Quality isn’t sacrificed in the process, because D2C brands actively innovate their products to create a stand-apart product that beats other market offers. 


Traditional marketers recognized the power of subscription models and advertisements on editorial content, but a new class of marketing strategies goes further. Take Food52. They transitioned successfully from recipe blog to culinary business, leveraged their recipe site, and engaged its community to create a thriving home kitchen, cooking and specialty food business.  Pet by Tasty harnessed an undeniable combination of the internet and animal content into the natural pet food business.  Examples abound in direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands to learn from and get inspired. The most successful D2C brands show the power of affiliate marketing at work.  Today's publishers understand the power of brand equity, loyalty, and community. They want D2C partners as much as you want to recruit relevant web publishers and partners.

Other benefits of the liaison is affiliate marketing which allows D2C companies to easily collect customer data and refine their offerings to address customer pain points.  They can quickly see opportunities, find the need and fill it.  Take loungewear startup MeUndies which allows its customers to select unique underwear prints, styles, and match sets with their subscription model.

Most successful D2C brands have a strategy for each customer interaction or touchpoint. More than ever affiliate web publishers need to be a relevant fit for their D2C marketing campaigns. If you're a D2C owner or marketing manager living in this space, perhaps you ponder how to launch a vigorous affiliate marketing program and how to identify and recruit web publishers for your D2C products.  These affiliates will tell your story and provide authentic connections to make their core audiences your core audiences.  D2C brands are uniquely suited to utilize affiliate marketing and now they have access to the best source for finding and recruiting D2C web publishers at  

Their tool's effectiveness derives from these innovators from ecommerce, digital outreach, and affiliate marketing industries. Experience and knowledge consolidated over two decades! New affiliates and publishers are added to their database daily. 

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